Our Recent Setbacks and the Path West

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Update on my last post: The buyers asked for $7k in credit for repairs, which is not as unreasonable as we thought they’d be. We countered with $5k and they accepted. Then, two days before closing, we were told that closing was going to be pushed back for two weeks because the bank hadn’t done the appraisal and our realtor was going on vacation. Don’t even get me started…

The upside of being stuck in house-selling purgatory for a few weeks is that we’ve been able to test drive our motorhome. We learned what it’s like to find dump stations, dry camp (boondocking), survive John Wayne toilet paper, and not trip breakers on a 20 amp hookup.

I learned way more than I wanted to at the dump station when the cheap sewer hose that came with our motorhome fell apart. Luckily, (and unluckily) at that point in time, we hadn’t used the toilet for anything other than #1. Pee, even when it’s your own, isn’t pleasant when it’s spraying everywhere under the force of a 50-gallon holding tank.

By the way, I give this sewer hose a million thumbs up, as I haven’t received a piss bath since we upgraded. Learn from my mistakes and don’t use the sewer hose that comes with your RV. *shudder*

Boondocking at Levi’s parents’ house for a few days. It looks peaceful, but that road is loud.

We wanted to get the RV out of the driveway at the house so we could move our things out, so we parked it at a nice RV resort in a town about 20 miles away. We’ve been living in the motorhome and making trips back to the house as necessary.

Storing our stuff, especially our other car, has been sad. But we left it in good hands and it will all be worth it in the end.

I made a trip to the house the other day to pick up some packages, and it was a weird mixture of feeling like I wasn’t supposed to be there but also feeling a sense of familiarity because some of our things are still there. It’s a good house in a great neighborhood, and the thought of someone else living there is weird and not without a tinge of sadness.

So far, the motorhome has performed well and any problems we’ve had were our fault. Like the time the outlets in the slides stopped working because I thought the clothes dryer was finished and turned on a space heater.

We paid for a 50 amp hookup, and I got too comfortable with appliances. It made the energy management system mad, and tripped the breaker on the inverter outside. I have next to zero electrical knowledge, but with some problem-solving and a little bit of common sense, I eventually figured it out. My brain hurts.

That time the energy management system said “OH HELL NO” and tripped the breaker on me.

We’re stuck in Indiana until at least November 3rd, as that’s when the house is supposed to close. The temperatures are dropping fast, so our weekend project will be insulating the water line. Our tanks are heated, so that will help a lot in the not having a turdsicle in the sewer line department.

In an effort to not go crazy while waiting for things to happen, I’ve been putting together a preliminary plan for our path to Tucson. While our big diesel motorhome can certainly get up and go, we’d like to avoid interstates. Keeping the speedometer at around 60 mph is more comfortable and fuel efficient.

With the help of the r/gorving subreddit, I found an awesome GPS app called CoPilot that allows you to set an RV profile. Our rig is 12’8″ tall, so going under any old bridge is no bueno. With my RV profile in CoPilot, I can avoid low bridges, roads with weight limits, and anything else that would cause us problems along the way.

We plan on driving around 5 hours per day, so it will take us five days to get to Tucson as opposed to the usual three days in a car. We’d like to stay in each place for a while and scope out local sights, but it’s so late in the year that we need to get our asses to Tucson before it snows. There will be time for exploring later.

I used a combination of Google Maps, Good Sam’s website, and the AllStays app to pick out some RV parks along our route, as well as a few Walmarts and Pilot Flying J stores as a backup plan.

I need the house closing to happen before I can make any reservations or concrete plans. Freedom is so close I can feel it. And after planning, hoping, and working our asses off for 5+ years to make this happen, being patient gets more difficult every day.

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