All the products, tools, resources, and gadgets we'd rather not RV without.

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Staying Warm

Vornado Space Heater - This nifty little electric space heater helps us conserve propane on colder nights. It's compact, simple, and has built in safety controls.

Sunbeam Heated Blanket - Nicole loves curling up with this heated blanket and a cup of coffee on cool mornings.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad - Climbing in a cold bed when it's cold outside is no fun. Put this heated mattress pad on your bed and switch it on 10 minutes before you climb in. It'll keep you toasty all night.


Igloo Ice Maker - Our RV freezer has a hookup for an ice maker, but we'd rather have the space. This portable ice machine makes a lot of ice in a hurry, and due to its small size, we can store it in our RV's basement when we're not using it.

Aeropress - Make high quality coffee in a hurry! Compact and easy to clean, too.

Krups Grinder - Nicole loves her coffee, and this small and simple grinder is a perfect match for the Aeropress.

Ovenite Electric Kettle - This kettle makes boiling water fast without using up precious propane. We love that you can choose the temperature.

Pop-A-Plate - This convenient paper plate holder keeps plates organized and easy to access. We used Command strips to stick it to the cabinets in our kitchen.


AT&T Unlimited Home Phone - When we first considered the full time RV life, we were concerned about how to access the internet. Luckily, AT&T had us covered with their Unlimited Home Phone package. It's $60 for 250gb per month, and so far it has done everything we need it to do, from Netflix to work to video games.

AmazonBasics Shredder - We're mostly paperless, but every once in a while we come across a document that needs to be shredded. This shredder sits under our workspace and helps us keep paper documents secure.

Doxie Scanner - We love being paperless and Doxie makes it easy. It's easy to set up, small, creates high quality scans, and is integrated with Evernote.

Dell c1660w Printer - We don't print much, but when we do this wireless Dell printer is always ready.

Varidesk - Our RV is comfortable, and we find it's easy to sit too often when working or surfing the internet. This Varidesk sits in our bedroom and gives us another workstation option.


Weber Smokey Joe Grill - This mini grill cooks up everything we need and doesn't take up much space.

Coleman Oversized Camping Chairs - We love sitting outside, and these camping chairs keep us comfortable. We love the built in cup holder and cooler.

Weber Mini Chimney - This mini chimney gets charcoal burning fast.

Suction Cup Hummingbird Feeder - We love feeding our feathered friends, and this suction cup hummingbird feeder is a great addition to our windshield when we're parked.

RVing Essentials

Pressure Regulator - Sometimes campgrounds have high water pressure, and this can be no bueno for your RV's plumbing systems.

Camco Revolution Sewer Hose - Learn from our mistakes and don't use the cheap sewer hose that comes with your rig. Buy this one instead! Its secure locking ends will make sure you never get an unexpected shower of nastiness.

Wallex Port-A-Packs - These convenient little packs keep our black tank odor free, break down solids, and clean our seals and sensors.

Sewie Pig - This cute little plastic pig holds down our sewer line, and starts a lot of conversations!

Sidewinder Sewer Hose Holder - This sewer line holder keeps our sewer line off the ground and ensures that it's always on a downward slope.

Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper - The best compromise we've found between household toilet paper and RV toilet paper. We joke that their slogan should be, "Dissolves in your black tank, not in your genitals!"


Steamfast Mini Iron - There are just some items of clothing that want to wrinkle no matter what you do. We keep this mini iron on hand to keep our clothes looking neat.

Sun & Sheets Travel Bungee - As desert dwellers, we love saving on energy costs by hanging our clothes outside to dry. This handy and sturdy travel clothesline does a great job.