Preparing the RV for Summer: How We Plan to Beat the Heat

Preparing The RV For Summer: How We Plan to Beat the Heat

When we became RV owners, we found out quickly that it doesn’t take much for the windows to have a greenhouse effect. Even back when we had the RV parked in the driveway of our house with one side of it shaded, the morning and afternoon sun made things warm quickly.

This is great when it’s cold outside and horrible when it’s hot outside. Closing the curtains helps, but it does nothing to actually bounce heat off the RV.

Reflectix was an option, but it doesn’t look great and could potentially annoy our neighbors when the sun shines on it. Our awnings help when they’re out, but that’s not an option when it’s windy.

We knew we needed to figure something out before it starts to get hot, as every resident kindly reminds us every time we mention we’re new to Tucson.

“It’s great that you moved here. Welcome to Tucson! But have you been here in the SUMMER?”

In preparing for our first Arizona summer, I browsed the “recommended businesses” section of RVillage and stumbled on a company called RV SunScreen Co.

Oh great, I thought. I can tell them the make, model, and year of my RV and they’ll have some magnetic sunshades for the windows. I’d seen this before.

Then I read their website and learned that they’re a bit different. Not only is everything they make custom, they come to you with a mobile workshop and install their products on your RV.

Life before sunshades, with curtains only.

They use button snaps instead of magnets to keep the sunshades taut on the windows. Apparently magnet sunshades need to be adjusted a lot, so I’m glad we didn’t go that route. Although I was a little nervous hearing someone drilling holes in my RV. 😂

Renee and Todd showed up, took measurements, and in about two hours we had custom sunshades on the front windows and door, as well as some wiper protectors. They look nice and the silver threads woven into the black fabric reflect light and heat without blinding anyone.

We’ve been living with our sunshades for a few weeks now, and they have been an awesome investment so far. Not only do they keep the RV from absorbing heat, they’ve also provided us with some daytime privacy.

We can now keep the front window open during the day without feeling like everyone who walks and drives by can see everything we do.

By the way, we aren’t associated with RV SunScreen Co., we just had a great experience and want to share. They also make tire covers, which we might purchase later if funds allow.

Last summer in Tucson was a scorcher, and this winter the temperatures have been above average. Here’s to being prepared in case this summer tries to bake us.

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  1. Summers are brutal in Florida also, matter a fact, winters here are no walk in the park some days, I will check them out, thanks for the info. For now I continue with reflectix

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