Our Story

We are Levi and Nicole, a 30-something couple from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

We did everything we were “supposed” to do. Went to college, got “normal” jobs, and bought a house. For all intents and purposes, we were what our society considers successful.

Everyone was happy with our life...except us.

The “American Dream” was a nightmare for us. We ended up with an assload of student loan debt and jobs that ran us ragged. The “great investment” of a house wasn’t a great investment at all, and we were stuck in a place we didn’t love for 13 years while we waited for the housing market to rebound.
In the middle of all that fuckery, Levi got a job that required him to travel 75% of the time. He landed in a small city in southern Arizona on a work assignment and fell in love.

Levi took Nicole to said city and infected her with the Sonoran desert bug. After several more visits during several different parts of the year, we decided that Tucson, Arizona is where we wanted to be.

We had a comfortable life in Indiana, and we could have gone on living this life until we retired and died. Although we were grateful to have a home, something was missing.

We were bored. We weren’t growing or experiencing new things or people. We were sick of humid, hot summers and tired of long, cold winters.

We knew that the world was a lot bigger than our home state, and we wanted to be part of it.

Shoveling snow, mowing grass, commuting to and from cubicles, and constantly fixing and cleaning things in our 80-year-old house was not how we wanted to spend our time.

We wanted to live in a place where we could be more active, see beautiful scenery every day, enjoy nature, experience other cultures, and appreciate new food. And we didn’t want to wait until we were too old to enjoy it.

How would we make our dream happen? Step numero uno was to sell the house in Indiana, but what would we do after that? We weren’t keen on buying another house right away after our awful home ownership experience, and renting a house or an apartment in Arizona didn’t feel right, either.

We noticed that we were the best versions of ourselves when we were traveling. We’ve been on several road trips, and our reluctance to return to Indiana increased every time we went somewhere else. While our road trips were always done in our small car, we’ve always wanted to own an RV.

We put two and two together and decided to live in an RV. The diesel apartment was born.

We’re not special, we’re not gifted, and we’re not rich. We’re just regular people who worked hard for many years to achieve our dream and are now living it. We share our journey on this website because we want to encourage you to do the same.