Saturday Sightseeing – Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area Near Tombstone, AZ

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area Near Tombstone, AZ

Levi and I are both photography nerds. We have several cameras, a lot of lenses, and a variety of other camera-related accessories. However, after 15 or so years of taking photos in Indiana, we were bored and uninspired with our surroundings. We stopped using the cameras as much as we once had, and our equipment got outdated. We’ve saved a … Read More

Preparing the RV for Summer: How We Plan to Beat the Heat

Preparing The RV For Summer: How We Plan to Beat the Heat

When we became RV owners, we found out quickly that it doesn’t take much for the windows to have a greenhouse effect. Even back when we had the RV parked in the driveway of our house with one side of it shaded, the morning and afternoon sun made things warm quickly. This is great when it’s cold outside and horrible … Read More

Christmas in the Desert: It’s More Laid Back

Christmas in the Desert: It's More Laid Back

Growing up, I always had great Christmases. A lot of my immediate family was spread across the country, with my grandparents living in Florida and my aunt and uncle living in California, so Christmas was always the one time of year I got to see them in person. I was also fortunate to have good food and great gifts every … Read More